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MOGGS MOTEL veröffentlicht erste Single "Apple Pie"

Moggs Motel ist die neue Band von UFO Sänger Phil Mogg.

Wie bereits angekündigt,

wird am 06. September 2024 das Moggs Motel Album veröffentlicht.

Heute erscheint mit "Apple Pie" die erste Single inkl. Video aus diesem besagten Album.

Phil Mogg: "Apple Pie is the first track off the Moggs Motel extravaganza. It concerns the quest for a piece of the pie, namely 'Apple' because I would like a nice large creamy slice this time around. Also I would get to ride the pony while she's swishing her tail - how sweet is that! I just need that elusive pie. This track was conjured up towards the end of lockdown. This was our first get together as a team, and a very jolly affair it was too - so enjoy the ride and get a bite... not a nibble please." 

Cover Moggs Motel

"Moggs Motel" erscheint am 06. September 2024 über SPV/Steamhammer als

CD Digipak, 2 LP Gatefold in blauem Vinyl, exklusive Bundles

im Steamhammer Shop und digital.

Hier kann man es vorbestellen:

Bandfoto Moggs Motel
Foto © Charlie Smith



Phil Mogg – vocals

Tony Newton – bass, guitars

Neil Carter – guitar, keyboards, vocals

Joe Lazarus – drums

Tommy Gentry – guitar

Weitere Informationen:

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung und Bereitstellung des Pressematerials von Steamhammer/SPV)


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